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Product Description

 Lotion for extremely dry skin

Single use lotion

Product Description:
Proof of Lotion Bar II is a rejuvenating moisturizer in the form of a bar for very dry skin.  This oil-based formula helps to prevent bacterial contamination.  Jojoba Oil, which has a similar structure to human sebum, allows for easy skin absorption, while vitamin E and Moringa nourish the skin and Yellow Tomato Extract (Colorless Carotenoids) reduce marks on skin, a common problem for very dry skin.  The bar is formulated to allow release of the oil by simply rubbing the product in one's palms.  The heat that is generated warms the lotion bar and release the oil, allowing easy absorption into the skin.

For scents:
Fragrance may not be the most essential ingredient to cosmetic product but often times we tend to choose a product from its pleasant smell.  So, it is very important to carefully choose the right scent for products to avoid any irritating smell as our nose is usually exposed to various scents during the day.  Proof of Lotion Bar II offers calm and soothing scents from nature so you can feel refreshed all day long.

Greenery Mist - Sense of Refreshing Sweetness 
(scent profile: Green Mandarin, Honeysuckle and Sandalwood)
Thai FDA notification no: 10-1-6300016234

Heavenly Herbs - Sense of Relaxation
(scent profile: Grapefruit, Jasmine, Cedarwood)
Thai FDA notification no: 10-1-6300016260

Nostalgic Romance - Sense of Soothing Romance
(scent profile: Cherry, Lily of the Valley, Rose)
Thai FDA notification no: 10-1-6300016259